What Are Ballots

The Ballots are a formalized roll-up where club members attend when they are able.

They are scheduled to run through the summer season, late April (depending on Easter) to Mid-September (depending on when the Green is closed).

There is a Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Friday evenings session.

The start times vary slightly depending on the evenings being light enough.

These games are taken seriously although participant hopefully will find them enjoyable.

They are regarded as a good start for new bowlers to play in a game and learn how to bowl in a team.

There is a small charge (20p) which helps to provide a small prize at the end of the season.

The Dress Code

The dress code on Mondays is grey that is a white shirt or top and grey trousers.

This is because the school is in session at the start and end of the season and we wish to be seen as a serious bowling session.

The dress code for the evening ballots is more relaxed and is smart casual.

Days & Times

Mondays Arrive by 2pm for a Draw at about 2:15pm for a 2:30pm Start, Organized by Gary & Carol Cantello.

Tuesdays Arrive by 5:30pm for a Draw at about 5:45pm for a 6pm Start, Organized by Ken Moser.

Fridays Arrive by 5:30pm for a Draw at about 5:45pm for a 6pm Start, Organized by Peter Winter.

PLEASE NOTE: If attending the ballot, but running late please call the Club House on: 0208 642 4729.

Updated: 14th October 2017 - 61a Banstead Road South, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5LH - 0208 642 4729