Carshalton Beeches Bowling Club

I wish to apply for Membership for CBBC as:-

1. A Bowling and Social Member *

- please state your Bowling experience:-...........years.
- coaching is available for new bowlers.

2. A Social Member *

* Please highlight your membership request.

Mr, Mrs, Ms:_____ Surname:__________________________________________________________________

Given Names:______________________________________________________________________________


__________________________________________________________Post Code:______________________

Occupation:___________________________________________Telephone: ____________________________



Proposer:___________________________Signed:_________________________________Known:_____ years

Seconder:___________________________Signed:_________________________________Known _____ years

1. CBBC Members for less than one year cannot propose or second an application.
2. Membership of the Club is open to ladies and gentlemen over 18 years of age who have acquired, by purchase, five ordinary shares of
    and in Carshalton Beeches Bowling Club Limited. The Company.
3. Subscriptions are due for renewal on 1st January annually.
4. The Bowling Season is from early May to late September approximately.
5. The Social Club is open all year.
6. This application should be displayed on the notice board before interview and Management Committee consideration.

Date Received:___/___/______

Date Interviewed:___/___/______   By:______________________________________

Date Invited:___/___/______   By:______________________________________

Date Membership Accepted:__/___/______

Please leave the completed application form on the Club Notice Board or return directly,
to the Membership Secretary below:-

Mike Brennan, 55 Woodstone Avenue, Stoneleigh, KT17 2JT
Email: Telephone: 0208 393 5286

Fees (as from 1st January 2017)

Combined Bowling and Social Membership Joining Fee: £15

Membership Fee: £140

Share Purchase: £5 (five £1 Shares in the Company).

: £160

Social Membership Only: Joining Fee: £5

Membership Fee: £50

Share Purchase: £5 (five £1 Shares in the Company).

Total: £60

Membership Form